How to boost your search for information – Part 2

(This post takes about 4-5 mins for a relaxed reading)

In Part 1 I’ve recommended a few tips for effective informations search. Here you can find a couple more sugestion that can improve your quest for knowledge.


Book (or ebooks) are still a huge source for information and knowledge. Often, you can easily find many books written on the subject you are interested in., among other sites, can be a great place to start the search.

On, books are rated by readers which also leave their comments along with a 1 to 5 star rate. Here, you can start with looking at the books which have the highest number of ratings. This means that the books have been read and evaluated by a large number of people. The larger this number, the more reliable is the overall rate of the book. Then you can turn your attention to the books that has the highest number of 5-stars rating. No rocket science until now, right?

Now, here comes the tricky part. If the books are really good, they will have 4 or 5 starts ratings only. However, it often happens that a few readers give them 1 or 2 stars rating. The comments left by those readers can be a tremendous resource to really understand the true value of the book. Detailed and justified critics can bring to your attention details about the book that can really matters and influence your choice on buying it or not. Also, these readers often offer alternatives to the criticized book. This give you the opportunity to explore other sources and know other authors you may have ignored up to now.


If you already follow authors or bloggers on their RSS streams, you may think that following them on Twitter is redundant. Well, it is not.

Authors and bloggers tend to use twitter not only to announce their new posts. They also give away links to articles or other blogs they follow. In short, it means that they give you access to the information that shape their thoughts. This is extremely valuable because:

  • It allows you to extend your sources beyond your standard ones
  • You can remove other people “filters” on the information and apply your own
  • You can deepen your understanding about authors and their writings


I have a neverending appetite for information and knowledge. I hope that this couple of posts can help you to refine your searches, add value to your findings and ultimately improve your knowledge. Good Luck.

Question: What can you add to the suggestions given in this post?


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