A 6 steps process for faster personal growth

(This post takes 2-3 minutes for a relaxed reading)

Personal growth is something everyone should aim to. However is does not happen overnight or accidentally. Rather, it is the result of a well planned effort. And here it is what you can do to improve it.

It often happens to feel we are growing erratically. No specific plans, no vision about what we want to be or what we want to accomplish. As I’ve learned and experienced, growth does not happen overnight but shall be carefully planned and pursued. In short, it is the outcome of a well executed process.

Here are my 6 steps for a faster personal growth:


This is the key that opens doors. If you want to develop yourself, you definitely have to be intentional about it. This single step will give you the strength and perseverance to pursue and achieve your targets. No obstacles will stop you.


Before starting your journey, focus on the expected outcomes. Beginning with the end in mind is vital. If you know where you are going, every single effort will be set in the right direction. You will avoid waste of time and of other precious resources.


Set your starting point. Understand what you already know and, better, what you don’t know. Make a honest self-assessment, it will help your journey.


Identify how to close the gaps that stand between you and your goals. Set clear priorities. Aim for initial quick wins to build confidence. Easy and rewarding tasks come first. Leave complex ones at the end of your to do list. Write down your plan for future reference.


Do it! Follow your plan and keep schedule tight. Avoid procrastination, avoid failure.


Life changes, goals changes. Review and tweak your targets and your plan at scheduled times. Practice the “art of not finishing” if you realize that what you are doing will not take you closer to your goals. Instead, stop and refocus immediately to find alternative ways to move towards our targets.

Although it works “as is” for me, this process can be adapted to fit your needs. Regardless, it can be used as a solid base to build your platform for future growth and positive change.

Question: How do you currently manage your personal growth? How your proces looks like?



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  1. Hi Giovanni,

    and thank you for your nice blog.

    I think these 6 steps work very good in a hierarchical context where your goals are clearly defined… maybe by someone else.

    But in an absolute freedom context the question is on step 2: which are my goals?

    Should I bound my goals? Why?

    You talk about “personal growth” and possibly my question regards the “spiritual growth” but.. what is the difference?

    Human beings are born to be free?

    See you soon!

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