One Easy Step to Extend the Battery Life of your Tablet or Smartphone

Battery life for modern portable devices is always an issue. We simply want more of it. Even if the standard one comes pretty good. So, how can we extend our battery saving in one easy step? Well, here is the answer…


I’ve recently bought an incredible Nexus 7. The main purpose being, among others, to read ebooks almost everywhere I am. At home, on a flight, in a pub… Althought the battery life of this device is absolutley not bad, I think that less recharges can still be a positive plus, specially when power plugs are not easily accessible.

Therefore, I’ve looked in the Play Store for some specific app which can serve the purpose. Of course, my search ended with a long list of candidates. Well, I installed a couple of free apps to give them a try.

What I discovered in these app stats was not totally surprising. Other things being equal (like the screen brightness set to the lowest level), most of the power drain came from the use of my WiFi/Bluetooth connection.

Not surprising at all, but interesting. I wondered if I could get almost the same battery life saving with the already built-in functions in the Android OS.

The short answer is: YES!


Switching to the “Airplane mode”, which disconnects the device from all data connections (3G included if you have one). 

As a consequence I removed the apps installed in the first place and now I’m switching to “airplane mode” anytime I do not need a data connetion. Boom! the result is amazing. I’ve almost doubled the battery life with a simple and easy practice with NO additional apps installed on my tablet.

Of course this easy trick can be applied to iOS lovers also.

I’m now searching for a little tiny app which can do the work for me. Enable/disable the “airplane mode” whenever I turn the device screen Off/On. So far, no luck on Android 4.2 but I keep searching.

Question: do you have any further easy recommendations to increase battery life on tablets an smartphones using OS built-in features?


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